An Open Letter to the Coos County Planning Board



For those of you who have yet to hear, the Cog Railway has proposed building a new 35-room hotel on the side of Mt. Washington. Because they own a section of the mountain on which they operate, this is a proposal that could, scarily, come to fruition. It is prudent that we do everything in our power to put an end to this project before it has the ability to take off. Consider signing this petition and writing a sending a letter of your own to the Coos County Planning Board


Dear Coos County Planning Board,

I write today in firm opposition of the proposed motel destined for the slopes of Mt. Washington. As a lifelong visitor and now professional instructor Mt. Washington is a place I am no stranger. For the past four years, I have been studying Environmental Science at the University of Vermont. Each day for the past four years I have been dismayed as I learn more and more about the complex environmental challenges my generation faces. I urge you to consider the impact a development of this scale will have.

 Wilderness is being destroyed at unprecedented rates. In just 25 years, 10% of the worlds wild places have been lost. It is more critical than ever that the precedent of protection and conservation is upheld in the few wild spaces we do have left. Buildings do not belong in fragile mountain ecosystems. The human impact on Mt. Washington is already far too great. Our wilderness needs protection. A development in this area will not only cause intense local damage, but stand a message to all seek to profit from exploit these precious landscapes. Let your actions stand in firm defense of our natural places.  

You have the power to stop this project before it has the ability to begin. Let our mountain stand as is for the generations yet to come. There is no justification for further destruction to one of New Hampshire’s most important resources. Just over 4,000 acres of alpine zone remain. Do not let them be lost to a hotel. There is far more value in this landscape as it stands today.

 I urge you to consider doing everything in your power to end this proposed development, to set the precedent of conversation for this landscape and for all those like it. If not you, who?


Max Forbes