A New Chapter: Colorado Outward Bound

A lot has happened since I injured myself in February. First, a quick update on my recovery: 

I'm fixed. 

Next, a slightly longer update on my recovery: 

When I first published my story (which has been viewed over 3,000 times!!) I was unable to bend my leg, and limited to getting around on crutches, and largely, with the help of others. I can't begin to express my gratitude to everyone who reached out and offered a hand when I truly needed it. After about two weeks, I was able to ditch the crutches and immobilizer, but while the stitches remained, my leg wasn't bending much beyond 20 degrees. Three weeks after the accident they were removed, and I was finally able to start the physical therapy processes. After biweekly sessions for two months, I went from barely being able to bend my leg and not being able to stand on one foot, to 80% recovered; running, climbing and hiking back at what seemed "normal". Ultimately, my doctors tell me it's miraculous that I was able to recovery as quickly as I did. As I mentioned before, the damage to my knee was only surficial tissue, no tendons, ligaments or muscles were damaged. While my recovery process felt long, and frustrating, I'm ultimately incredibly lucky to be where I am today. 

Speaking of where I am today... Since finishing a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Vermont, I've accepted a job as an Assistant Instructor with the Colorado Outward Bound School. Before I was even able to attend my graduation, I packed up everything I own into my 2004 VW and drove from Burlington, VT to Leadville, CO over the course of three days. Since arriving on my 14th, I've fallen in love with this beautiful place, but more importantly, I'm incredibly excited about the work we do here. 

The mission of the Colorado Outward Bound School (COBS) is to change lives through challenge and discovery. Unlike other outdoor education organizations, COBS truly aims to live up to that goal. While our courses do include an abundance of technical skill curricula, our focus is the interpersonal; sending people home with skills that are transferrable to their lives in a society more polarized than ever. Our courses vary in length from 8 to 81 days, and visit places in Colorado, Alaska, Wyoming, California, Utah, Arizona and Ecuador. I'm truly thrilled to be working for this amazing organization. I hope everyone takes a minute to check out the awesome work that COBS does by visiting: https://www.cobs.org/.

While you consider a potential Outward Bound course of your own, check out these photos from 18 days of new instructor training, which took place in Buena Vista Colorado, and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.